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Chef Beth Volpe

Personal Chef and Cooking Instructor

If there was one constant in my life, it was always cooking. Not because I had to…because I wanted to. Creating dishes and surrounding myself in amazing aromas felt like where I belonged. I learned many of my recipes from my grandmother. She was old school when it came to cooking. That love of cooking started when I was very young and continued through college as a Home Economic Major.  Over the years I have taken many cooking classes and lessons.  

In 2013 I made the move from home cook and entertainer to Personal Chef.  I enrolled in Escoffier International Culinary Academy and received my Professional Culinarian Certification in May 2015.  I graduated at the top of  my class and I was featured in Escoffier's Graduate Spotlight (Article).  At the same time I joined the American Personal & Private Chef Association and successfully completed “The Business of Doing Business as a Personal Chef” and received my certification.  I remain a member of the American Personal & Private Chef Association and contributor (Article 1) (Article 2).  Additionally, I am a Certified California Food Handler through the National Restaurant Association (ServSafe). 

For the past 6 years I have enjoyed a very successful and fulfilling personal chef and catering business.  I love sharing my profession and organic approach as well as my love of cooking with clients, family and friends.

For that reason, I have moved away from the Personal Chef role and into the role of Cooking Instructor.


As an Instructor, I bring my years of knowledge, recipes, tips and tricks to home cooks.  All of the cooking takes place in your kitchen, utilizing your equipment and appliances.  It's important for you to know how to easily recreate recipes in your home kitchen.


I am so happy to be able to do what I love most… create in the kitchen. I thank you for the opportunity to bring my love of cooking into your home.

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Chef Beth



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